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The looking glass and rerouting tool can be used to test/diagnose issues with the network.

By using the rerout tool you are changing the route traffic will take to your IP. This gives you control over where your traffic will be routed.

For the current network status please visit

Looking Glass Shell

The looking glass can be used to perform diagnostic tasks and operate the rerouting utlity. There are a few commands available which you can use to do this.
By typing help you can show the commands availble.

Typing a command a pressing ? or enter will show the valid completions for that command. Pressing CTRL + C will stop a command from running.

Command line examples

(You can click on an example to run it)

Diagnostic commands
Reroute commands
reroute -r
This will reset your reroute and make the network automatically select the reroute taken. This is optimal for overal network reliability.

reroute -d
Will detect your current route and show it.

reroute -s level3 10h
Will reroute all traffic to you over level3 for 10 hours.

reroute -i
Will use RerouteIntel to automatically detect the best route. (takes aproximately 5 minutes.)

Ping using the default parameters.

ping -c 10 -i 0.5
Will ping using custom parameters.

Will trace the route to your IP address.

Will run MTR to


RerouteIntel has been developed to help users find the best transit to route their traffic over. It automatically detects the route which will offer the best application performance and apply it for 10 days.
It also helps to diagnose issues with the network early on as it provides important information. Which can be used to improve the network.

The program should take approximately 5 minutes to run on a broadband connection.

Did we get it wrong?

if you feel like the best route as detected incorrectly, please send an E-Mail to Make sure to include the IP address you can the utility from for us to be able to help you the best.

Peering information


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